“Create What Nature Intended” with a new water feature for your backyard with Rock-Scapes. Rock-Scapes creates artificial rock and custom swimming pools better than our competition, and that is something we stand by. We turn backyards and commercial landscapes in the DFW and surrounding areas into beautiful rock and water environments.

At Rock-Scapes, we specialize in themed environments for residential areas like backyards, commercial, and zoological clients. Our expert landscapers carve concrete to perfectly replicate the look of natural stone formations. Through similar techniques, we can create a plethora of artificial environmental elements, such as trees and cacti. 

Backyard design is something we are very familiar with, and demand for our services is on the rise with the new trend of using natural-looking artificial rock designs to create exotic water and Rock-Scapes. Turn your ordinary backyard into something extraordinary with our custom pools and waterfalls. 

A well-designed and constructed water feature can turn a hotel lobby or a living room into a luxurious and relaxing setting. We are equally skilled at Rock-Scapes with indoor and outdoor pools of any size and any shape you can dream up. Whether you want a pool for swimming or for impressing, Rock-Scapes is the place to call. 

On our website you will find a variety of projects we have completed in the past. This will give you a glimpse of the range of work we are capable of, from pools to ponds to retaining walls and more. Improve on nature by contacting Rock-Scapes for all your environment-shaping needs.

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