Rock-Scapes is a Texas company that was founded in 1992 by Beau Bradley. We are a company that creates artificial rocks which can be used to enhance pools, create or enhance ponds, waterfalls and retaining walls.

Why use artificial rock instead of natural rock?  Artificial rock is more versatile than natural rock.  Our features are created using artificial rock and are done on site. Beau pays incredible attention to detail that it is difficult to tell the difference between natural rock and artificial.

A few of Rock-Scapes commercial projects include:

  • The iconic Coors Sign in Dallas
  • Habitats at the Dallas Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo, Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, LA, The Cameron Zoo in Waco, TX.
  • Dragon feature pond and front entry waterfall at the Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, TX.
  • The Tomb of Jesus at Euless Baptist Church in Euless, TX.
  • Cave Formations at Discovery Mountain in Tyler, TX.

We have done many private residence pools, ponds, waterfalls & retaining walls in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

What sets Rock-Scapes apart from all other artificial rock builders is our reputation. We ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied and exceed all expectations. Beau is always on site of each build to guarantee our staff is professional and does the job right the first time.